DAW: Apple - Logic Pro 9.0.1

Logic Pro

Apple unveils Logic Pro 9.0.1, a great DAW for Mac.

What's new in this version:
* Replace mode now functions as expected when Punch Recording.
* Trimming a region now behaves correctly for regions whose first transient is quantized.
* Using "Paste at Original Position" in the Arrange window now works as expected.
* Using track import Replace to channel strip used on multiple tracks in the Arrange window now works as expected.
* Correct automation values are now maintained when one region is moved over another with the "Move Automation with Regions" option.
* Addresses an issue where the Save button on a Logic/Mackie Control stays lit when pressed with some projects.
* The Reassign Track shortcut menu now correctly displays the currently assigned channel strip object.
* Text Only mode for the Toolbar now remains in effect when an option is clicked on the Toolbar.
* MIDI commands can now be assigned to key commands with fixed assignments.
* Clicking solo on a channel strip no longer selects the channel strip.
* Fixes an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly if the grid value in the Hyper Edit Convert Event definition dialog was changed.
* MIDI regions now play at the correct tempo when scrubbed with the Solo tool.
* Current project Mixer settings are now correctly maintained when importing tracks with "Send all fader values" enabled.
* EXS24 now correctly displays all parameters in Editor view for instruments created in Logic 8.
* Logic no longer quits unexpectedly in recording situations where both a MIDI and audio track are record enabled and the MIDI track is not selected.

* It is now possible to measure and provide latency compensation for an external signal chain that is routed via the I/O plug-in.
* You can now snap align Flex Markers to MIDI notes within other tracks in the Arrange window.
* The Automap feature for Novation MIDI controllers now functions when using the Logic Studio plug-ins.
* Apogee's UV-22 dithering algorithm now an option when bouncing audio files.

Price: $499 USD

"Whether you work in a state-of-the-art studio or in your garage, now you can easily put the power of the most advanced tools to work for your projects" Apple

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