Synthesizer: D16 Group - Shioitor


D16 Group unveils Shioitor, VST synth plugin for borh PC and Mac.

Here is all the features:
8 independent sound layers
each layer can be assigned to different key zone, midi channel
each layer has its own settings and parameters: polyphony, arpeggiator, chorus and sound -parameters
dynamic signal routing from layers to outputs
mute for each layer

ultra high quality band limited oscillators (non-audible aliasing output up to 22khz for base frequency of the note)
two base oscillators: square with PWM and sawtooth
suboscillator with 5 different waveforms to choose
noise oscillator with 3 different colours to choose

no aliasing at high resonances and high frequencies
constant-Q and very warm filters
three filter modes: LP, HP and BP

Sound control
two multipurpose synchronizable LFOs with 6 different waveshapes
two multipurpose envelopes with 4 different trigger modes

Sound effects
built-in chorus effect
flexible unisono with tune, panorama and filter spread

Preset management
two kinds of presets: per layer and full set of layers
presets organised into groups

Midi management
advanced midi event assignement system
midi learn function
ready at hand simple modulation matrix for modulation and pitch bend wheels

6 work modes
full synchronisation
21 different time bases
built-in gater/chorder
tunable step length
tunable shuffle

Release date and pricing will be announced. D16 Group

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