Synthesizer: Homegrown Sounds - Astralis Bion

Astralis Bion

Homegrown Sounds launches Astralis Bion, a VSTi synth plugin for Windows.
Some of the Features:
A custom built Oscillator with 3500+ possible Waveforms.
Many Filters types including Low Passes, Hi Passes, Band Shelf and Comb.
It consists of two identical synths each with it's own Envelopes and Filter etc...
It has a Microtuner, Programmable Arpeggiator, Gapper, two Modulation Sequencers, Gate Sequencer, LFO and a flexible Modulation Matrix,  Stereo Delay, Flanger/Filter, Ring Modulator, SoundScaper, Organic, and a compressor.
A sophisticated randomization system.
Each synth has a dual oscillator so that 2 waveforms can be selected.
A Recorder which automatically captures the Synth output to WAV at either 16, 24 or 32 bit.
300 Patches included.

Price:  £30.00

"Astralis Bion is the most powerful synth in the Astralis range" HGSounds

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