Effect: Brainworx - bx_digital V2

bx_digital V2

Brainworx unveils bx_digital V2, a digital mastering processor effect for both Pc and Mac. Looks cool.

# 3 Modes (M/S mastering, M/S recording, L/R stereo)
# new and unique "SixPack" Master Section
# 11-band EQ (TDM, RTAS, VST, AU) incl. Shifter EQs up to 22 kHz
# built-in M/S De-Esser / dynamic EQ (20 Hz - 22 kHz)
# precise Correlation- and Balance-Metering
# individual Bypass and Link for every feature
# 4 Presets, Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo for all functions
# new Auto-Solo and Auto-Listen modes for TDM & Native
# individual PAN for Mid and Side Signals
# Phase-corrected SOLO-Buttons for L/R/M/S signals
# Intelligent EQs: Bass-Shift & Presence-Shift
# Mono-Maker: makes bass frequencies mono only!
# Extensive metering, individual L/R and M/S LEDs
# Touch-sensitive AUTO SOLO: interactive with ICON for solo modes
# 7-band EQ perfectly matches the center section ICON-EQ
# Mousewheel control supported for MAC & PC

Price: 334.45 Euro for the native version, and 586.55 Euro for the TDM version.

"works in 3 modes (!) including a sophisticated "M/S Mastering" mode" Brainworx

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