Effects: de la Mancha - GTO & GTX

de la Mancha GTO GTX

de la Mancha launches GTO & GTX, a pair of vintage style compressor effects for Windows.

• Vintage style Peak and RMS compressors with external sidechain, parallel compression and comprehensive metering
• Subtle colouring from a home-made blend of harmonics, saturation and noise
• Internal or external sidechain routing
• Wet/Dry mix control allows phase-free blending of dry uncompressed signal for NY style parallel compression
• RMS window can be set for smooth cruising or sharp response [GTX only]
• Knee amount can be changed from gentle curve to sharp edge [GTX only]
• Stereo input detection can be linked or unlinked
Distortion reduction for very short release times
• Optional hard limiting on final output
• Metering covers stereo input, output and gain reduction. All meters show actual and peak levels
• Non-linear knobs for precise control at small values
• Presets covering all functions and different configurations

Price: $29

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"designed like their muscle car name-sakes for brute power, pure speed and to make a loud noise" de la Mancha

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