Synthesizer: HyperSynth - Oresus


HyperSynth unveils Oresus, a synth plugin for Windows.


-2 Complex oscillators
-Oscillators special features (phase sync, hard sync, PWM, WSM)
-2 Filters (10 classic types + Hyper LP8, Hyper LP6)
-Filters special features (key track, separate pan and level, polarity switch, parallel and serial outputs)
-3 Curve configurable envelopes for filter, Mod and amplitude
-2 LFOs each with 4 simultaneous outputs
-S&H with smooth function and selectable input
- Modulation matrix with 414 possible paths
-Trance gate
-Pitch and mod wheel
-Built in FXs (spread, drive, cross delay, ping pong delay, chorus)

Price: $45

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"a synthesizer with huge range of tonal possibilities" HyperSynth

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