Synthesizer: Supersynths - Monstrous


Supersynths launches Monstrous, a horror VST synth plugin for Windows.


- 3 layers that take advantage of the 1.2GB sound library

- MIDI channel selector for each layer

- Amplitude (ADSR) envelope, detune and pan controls per layer

- 3 advanced filters with ADSR control

- 2 Send FX (Chorus and Delay) and Preverb - a reverb-like effect that you can also use as a send effect

- 2 Master effects: a silky smooth reverb and tempo delay

- MIDI automation (for use with your control surface)

- Velocity Response

Price: $20.00 USD

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"From howling phantasms to children screaming and ghostly breathing to things that definitely go bump in the night" Supersynths

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