Effects: Cakewalk Offers Free Effects, Plugins - SFZ+, Square I & Cakewalk Audio FX / Pc / Free


Cakewalk is now offering several of its popular effects and plug-ins for free. SFZ+ and Square I synths and the Cakewalk Audio FX series of plug-ins are now available for no charge via the Cakewalk store.  

SFZ+ is rgc:audio’s revolutionary SoundFont player sample-playback engine, packed in a professional VST/DXi instrument. Outstanding sound quality, stereo built-in effects, adjustable CPU/quality settings to adjust it to your hardware, fully multitimbral operation, multiple stereo outputs, several loading modes including direct-from-disk streaming and a beautiful interface make sfz+ the perfect choice for SoundFont users and professional composers: http://www.store.cakewalk.com/default.asp?sku=35-CWSZ1.40-20E
Square I offers the warmness and classic sound of the vintage analog synthesizers, combined with the fidelity and precision of a VST instrument. A simple synthesizer, oriented to the serious music enthusiast. High quality sound with a warm and easy layout, perfect to learn synth programming: all controls in one panel for instant access, clear and distinctive sections. The built-in effects add depth to the sound and convenience to the sound programming: http://www.store.cakewalk.com/default.asp?sku=35-CWSQ1.40-20E

Cakewalk Audio FX 1 is a series of real-time audio processing plug-ins. All Cakewalk Audio FX plug-ins are Microsoft DirectX- compatible, allowing you to use them with any digital audio software that supports DirectX - including Cakewalk SONAR and other Cakewalk applications:http://www.store.cakewalk.com/default.asp?sku=35-CWF11.02-10E
Looking for a way to warmup your digital audio - but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on vintage analog or tube gear? Now you can withCakewalk Audio FX 2. Created by precise measurement and analysis, Audio FX 2 uses advanced processing algorithms to apply the classic sound and warmth of several different vintage guitar amplifiers and analog tape decks to your digital audio: http://www.store.cakewalk.com/default.asp?sku=35-CWF21.01-10E

Now you can make audio tracks sound like they were recorded in almost any room you can imagine. Cakewalk Audio FX 3 SoundStage allows you to design acoustic environments in which to play back digital audio, resulting in unique, realistic reverb. Audio FX 3 Features Two Views: Performer's View and Room View. To create the perfect room, just click and drag your mouse to move walls and change ceiling height. Choose from different microphones, and place them inside the room. Then assign each audio track to different "performer" positions to hear custom reverb on each track. When you’re finished, save your soundstage for other sessions, or use as a template for other designs. Audio FX 3 includes ready-to-use soundstages too: http://www.store.cakewalk.com/default.asp?sku=35-CWF31.01-10E

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