Loop Sequencer: Prodyon - Livemachine


Prodyon unveils Livemachine, a realtime looping sequencer for Windows. Looks very cool!

8 stereo recording loopers + low- and highpass combi-filters.
Reverse playback.
Variable recording lengths.
Six stereo WAV playback channels.
Synced Drumsampler with 12 Parts and "One-Bar"-looping.
Resampling of every channel in realtime.
Input effects section with reverb, delay, ringmodulation to name a few.
Built-in voice controlled synthesizer with 3 unique modes.
Built-in 16-bands stereo vocoder (WAV players/loopers act as carrier).
Two stereo audio outputs.
VU/Peak-metres for every in- and output channel + MIDI CC mapping.
Realtime click/pop-free effects operation.
MIDI learn for almost any onscreen-control.
Standalone and VST operation.
Custom coded C++ SE modules.
MIDI keyboard with at least 49 keys strongly recommended.

Price: Available with or without 2GB+ Samplelibrary ($99 / $129).

"With Livemachine you can record audio, loops and drumsounds in realtime then mangle them
using the huge library of onboard effects" Prodyon

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