Step Sequencer: WOK - ClockWOrK

ClockWOrK Vintage Stepsequencer VST

WOK unveils ClockWOrK, a new Vintage Step sequencer VST for Windows.

clear and easy interface
number of steps selectable
note per step selectable from 3 octaves with display
additional row for velocity or MIDI CC
each step can be muted or skipped
sequence transpose by MIDI input
selectable speed
manual step thru the sequence with button or MIDI key
reset to a specific step manually or on bar start
play only when MIDI key is pressed
random play
supports automation by your host
MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source

Price: 39 Euro

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"A MIDI Stepsequencer plugin for your DAW, giving you all the options of the vintage hardware at a mouseclick" WOK

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