Synthesizer: Togu Audio Line - TAL-Elek7ro 2.0 / Pc / Mac / Free


Togu Audio Line unveils version 2.0 of TAL-Elek7ro, a FREE VST synth for both Windows and Mac OSX.

Changes in this version:
Completely new filter types, 18dB LP, 24dB LP, 24dB HP, 24 dB BP (Version 2.0).
Completely new envelope (Version 2.0).
CPU optimations (Version 2.0).
Version 2.0 runs parallel to older versions of TAL-Elek7ro.

Read more about TAL-Elek7ro here.

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"This synth is useful for a wide range of sounds from percusion to deep bass sounds" Togu Audio Line

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