Effect: ArtsAcoustic - CL Series (CL-1, CLMS-1 and CLMS-1 XL)

clms-1 xl processor

ArtsAcoustic launches the CL Series, a bundle of three dynamic processor effects for both Pc and Mac. Looks great!

CL-1, CLMS-1 and CLMS-1 XL (pictured) Features:
  1. - optoelectronic diode circuit
  2. - tube driven gain stage
  3. - comprehensive mid/side capabilities
  4. - 64bit internal precision
  5. - control signal lowpass/highpass
  6. - true stereo external side chaining
  7. - ultra accurate vca brickwall limiting
  8. - sample accurate limiter clip mode
  9. - zero latency
  10. - very low cpu usage
  11. - extremely analog sounding
Price: 199.00 EUR

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"the ArtsAcoustic CL Series is a bundle of 3 accurately analog-modelled photoelectronic dynamic processors, nameley CL-1, CLMS-1 and CLMS-1 XL" ArtsAcoustic