Effect: MeldaProduction - MMultiBandReverb


MeldaProduction launches MMultiBandReverb, a reverb effect for Windows.

1-6 fully configurable independent bands.

Spatial positioning system.

Fully adjustable 3-band equalizer.

4 global modulators.

Fully algoritmic and true stereo reverb.

MIDI controllers with MIDI learn.

Global preset management.

64-bit processing and unlimited sampling rate.

Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.

Full automation.

Price: Introductory price - 15 EUR (49 EUR)

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"MMultiBandReverb extends possibilities MReverb and other standard reverbs by processing in up to 6 distinct bands. Together with 4 global modulators it provides more than you could ever imagine with common reverbs" via MeldaProduction