Effect: Mohog Audio - MoFET76

Mohog Audio has announced the MoFET76, a limiting amplifier effect.
*Hand Soldered and wired w/Teflon coated silver plated wire
*Through plated pcb with top layer ground plane
*High quality Nichion Audio KW capacitors.
*Transformer balanced input with custom Edcor transformer
*Transformer balanced output with switchable custom Edcor and Carnhill transformers
*Three deck input attenuator
*Super fast Attack time from 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds
*Release time from 50 milliseconds to 1 second
*Input metering
*Neutrik XLR input and output
*TRS stereo link interconnect
*Painted white case
*One year warranty

Price: $1,149.00

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designed after the legendary 1176 Revision F - link: Mohog Audio