Effect: Soundspectral - MaxBwide

Soundspectral MaxBwide

Soundspectral launches MaxBwide, a sonic enhancing mastering VST effect for Windows.


Giving you great response in the bass frequencies, and at the same time the control to compensate for the high frequencies that usually get lost when working in the lower frequency ranges.

With just a few controls, you are able to shape the sound exactly to your needs.

Possibility to maximize your sound output level, not to an extreme, but to a useful and musical amount.

Able to widen your mix and let the sound spread outside its stereo field.

A brickwall limiter, to ensure that your output level never exceeds 0 db.

Price: Until the January 15, 2010: $69 / 49 euro (MSRP $79/ 59 Euro).

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"We use a sophisticated filter network to give you a similar experience to a psychoacoustic model, without using any kind of psychoacoustic algorithm" Soundspectral MaxBwide