Instrument: GSi - MrTramp2 / Pc / Mac / Free

mrtramp 2

GSi unveils MrTramp2, a FREE electric piano instrument for both Windows and Mac. it's now fully programmed in C++ instead of SynthEdit.

Panel Controls:
– Velocity (CC #17): adjusts the velocity response, use this in accordance to your MIDI controller's settings to find the best action response;
– Hardness (CC #16): adjusts the hardness ot the virtual “reeds”;
– Tremolo (CC #1): turns on/off and adjusts the amount of tremolo, with a fixed frequency of 6 Hz, triangle waveform;
– Tone (CC #10): a low pass filter, use this to brighten or darken the sound;
– Volume (CC #7): Adjust Volume...

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"this is a new revised formula which gives more 'bite' on the lower octaves and more 'body' on the high notes" GSi

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