Instrument: Makayama - Drum Kits

Drum Kits (Drum Machine for iPhone & iPod Touch)

Makayama presents Drum Kits - a drum machine for iPhone / iPod Touch. Available now in App Store.

Drum Kits is a programmable drum machine with 160 mixable tracks and a completely new
approach to rhythm composition.

It allows you to compose beats and patterns by touching dots on the screen.
It turns your iPhone or iPod into a drum sequencer and recording studio.
Just by tapping on the screen, you create a drum beat. You have 16 banks, up to 160 tracks, from 40 to 200 BPM. It contains 50 sample rhythms, such as hiphop, drum&bass, disco, jazz, salsa, merengue, techno, house, etc.

It has 16 different sampled drum kits on board, rock, techno, drum&bass, break beats, jazz, brush, hiphop and many more. It's an easy to use music rhythm composition tool that let's anyone create drum patterns.

The app is $3,99/2,99 EUR after a 3-day free trial period. Makayama