Instrument: XLN Audio - Funk ADpak for Addictive Drums

Funk ADpak

Funk features a Pearl Reference Series kit with cymbals from Paiste and Sabian, 400 MIDI grooves and over 30 production presets.

Some Features:
* Pearl Reference Series Kit
* Cymbals from Sabian and Paiste
* 400 MIDI Grooves
* 30+ Presets

The Funk ADpak (Addictive Drums), focusing on contemporary funk beats and sounds. 
The included Master Funk Grooves are long MIDI files, up to 32 bars divided into Verse, Bridge, Chorus and Middle8.
Beats come in both straight and swing feel and have lots of variations like 16th hihat, 8th hihat, 4th hihat, ride variations and more. Also included are a total of 60 funk fills in different tempos and four different lengths.
The different preset categories are: Clean, Roomy, Tight, Natural w Comp and Effected.
The price is set at €59/$59.

XLN Audio

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