Synthesizer: Ametrine Audio - Fire and Ice

fire and ice

Ametrine Audio launches Fire and Ice, a new synth for Windows.


Powered by the Wusik-Engine ( Version 5.8.4 )

160 main presets with 250 variations

Custom made Synth, Bass, Stabs, BellTones, Pads, Arps, Keys and Organs

Bass and Stabs 44

Synth and Leads 23

Arps and Wave-Sequences 20

Pads and Strings 30

BellTones 21

Keys and Organs 22

Price: £14.95

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"The Main Idea behind Fire and Ice was to create a synth with 2 different personalities. The Fire section covers the Bass, Stab and Synth side of things, while the Ice Section brings you Pads, Wave sequences, Keys, Organs and BellTones" Ametrine Audio