Synthesizer: KV331 Audio - SynthMaster 2.0

SynthMaster 2.0 has arrived!

KV331 Audio unveils SynthMaster 2.0, a semi-modular software synth for Windows.

Some new changes and features:
Layers: In SynthMaster 2.0, every voice consists of 2 layers.
"Analog" filters: SynthMaster now sounds warmer with the addition of "analog" LP/HP/BP/BS filters.
"Wavetable/Wavescanning" oscillators.
Flexible Modulation Options.
Rich Wavetable Content.
Rich Preset Content.
Preset Browser: With the addition of a preset browser users can now easily find the sound they're looking for by filtering through preset category, music style or preset author.
Skin Editor.

Price: introductory price of $59.

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"We hope SynthMaster 2.0 really becomes a useful tool for every musician on the planet" KV331 Audio

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