DAW: Zynewave - Podium 2.24


Zynewave launches version 2.24 of Podium, a great DAW for Windows. See the HUGE change list below.

Changes in this version:

The inspector rack and the mixer strips can now show embedded plugin editors. The Zynewave plugins are shown with their custom editor and other plugins are shown with the Podium generic editor.

The parameters shown in the embedded generic editors can be configured separately for the rack and the mixer. Selecting the embedded parameters can be done either by right-clicking the plugin selector and using the "embedded editor parameters" submenu, or by ticking the checkboxes in the parameter list panel. The plugin selector menu also has shortcut commands for selecting and clearing all embedded parameters. The parameter selection applies globally to all instances of the plugin.

Added an "Editors" option button to the track inspector toolbar. When enabled, a show/hide button will appear next to each plugin selector in the rack.

A scrollbar will appear in the inspector rack panel if the rack is too large to fit in the panel. The panel can be resized by dragging the bottom of the panel.

Removed the redundant gain/pan/send controls as well as the embedded plugin editor from the track panel in the inspector.

The track panel in the inspector now always show information for the source track even if an effect track is selected.

Added a zoom slider to the mixer toolbar. This will zoom the widths of the strips from 100% to 200%. Removed the obsolete "minimum strip width" setting from the mixer properties.

Added "show embedded plugin editors" option to the mixer. Each plugin will show a generic editor, with the exception of the zPEQ plugin, which will show an EQ curve display with handles for dragging frequency and gain of the EQ bands.

Made several changes to the appearance and mouse actions of the zPEQ editor: The embedded rack and mixer editors will not show the parameter fields, but will instead show a popup with info for the band closest to the mouse cursor. The curve is drawn centered around 0dB. Moving the mouse in the display will highlight the nearest band handle. Double-click the background to enable the next unused band. Double-click a band handle to disable the band. Right-click to show a band type menu for the nearest band. Click to drag frequency and gain of the nearest band. Alt+Click to drag the Q value of the nearest band.

Modified the speaker configuration texts that are appended to the name of imported plugins.

Changed the layout in the Colors setup dialog and added new settings for button and slider knob colors.

The color picker in the track inspector can now be used to adjust Podium UI colors. Use the color picker right-click menu to select the UI color. The available options matches the colors found in the Colors setup dialog.

Fix: Dragging a plugin .dll file onto Podium will now place the device objects in the correct devices folder.

Fix: The "replace effect chain" clipboard command would not always set the correct fader position.

Fix: Fixed a crash bug with the "copy track timeline events to the template" option in the save track template dialog.

Fix: The background color in the timeline navigator would not update when the timeline fill color was changed in the color setup.

Fix: Fixed a problem with the mixer "expand all groups" option.

Fix: Dragging a multiple point selection in the curve editor did not work properly when all the points were aligned to the bottom.

Fix: Dragging in the project browser with the drag-reordering option enabled would not remove the list insert highlighting when dragging outside the browser.

Fix: Using the beat slice function on 8-bit samples would cause a crash.

Fix: The audio input auto-assign option would not work if the focus track was not gain enabled.

Price: 50 US$

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"Podium is a modern production host that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. An object based project structure allows for advanced media and device management" Zynewave