Effect: Acrobatics Software - Vento / Pc / Free


Free Music Software: Acrobatics unveils Vento, a FREE chorus effect for Windows that looks kinda cool.


  1. DRY/WET mixing.

  2. ON/OFF simulator.

  3. Adjustable Chorus and Tremolo Depth.

  4. Proportional speed control.

  5. Samplerate independent engine, all sample rates supported.

  6. Each control is fully recordable and automatable in host.

  7. Harmonic expansion/contraction of the 4 voices.

  8. Keyboard sync and aftertouch level controls.

  9. Serial & parallel feedback paths.

  10. Bypass switch for fast comparison.

  11. 32bit ultra-optimized code, zero latency.

  12. DC Block Filter.

  13. Most knobs & switches receive external MIDI control changes.

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"Vento is a high-structured 4 voices chorus which filters every voice with a different harmonic modulation, then the tremolo section gives additional shine and sculpting possibilities using the same voicing architecture. Every parameter is fully customizable with dedicated knobs for speed and separation of chorusing, giving maximum flexibility and dramatic, smooth changes to the signal, that varies from monophonic tube-flangers to incredibly rich and detailed stereo smearings" Acrobatics Software