Instrument: Vir2 Instruments - Electri6ity

Vir2 Instruments - Electri6ity

Vir2 Instruments unveils Electri6ity, an electric guitar virtual instrument plugin for both Windows and Mac OS X. Looks awesome!


Eight guitars:

  • Strat

  • Tele

  • P90

  • Les Paul

  • Rickenbacker

  • Danelectro Lipstick

  • ES335

  • L4

Three pickup positions:

  • Front

  • Rear

  • Front + Rear Blend

Recorded variations per sample:

  • Downstroke/upstroke

  • Picked/strummed

  • Seamless velocity layers

Playing modes:

  • Polyphonic

  • Monophonic

  • Legato (Sustain/Muted)

  • All modes can be combined with a Slide Mode for real-time slides from each fret to each other fret.

Articulation list:

  • Sustain Neck <> Bridge

  • Sustain <> 5th / Octave Pinch Harmonics

  • Dead Notes <> Muted <> Half-Muted

  • Ghost Notes Clean

  • Ghost Notes Dirty

  • Chucka-Chuckas

  • Flageoletts

  • Hammer On (played after sustain note) / Hammer On (tapped)

  • Pull Off (played after sustain note) / Pull Off (tapped)

  • One and two frets Slides Up / Down

  • Slides (Slide in and from each fret to each other fret)

  • FX Samples

Release types:

  • Finger Noise

  • Finger Noise Short

  • Mixed I

  • Mixed II

  • Hand Mute (fret can be selected)

  • Palm Mute

  • Slide Down Short

  • Slide Down Medium

  • Slide Down Long

  • Slide Down (1 fret, short)

  • Slide Up (1 fret, short)

  • Slide Noise Down

  • Slide Noise Up

  • Pick Noise

Integrated engines:

  • A.M.T (Articulation Morphing Technology) & V.M.T (Velocity Morphing Technology)

  • Advanced string and fretboard positioning - the AI chooses the best fitting strings and fretboard position for you. It takes speed, timing, notes and polyphony into account. Manual overwrite is possible whenever you need it

  • Advanced guitar noise engine - adds pick, finger and slide noises according to your playing

  • Advanced legato engine - fluid legato lines in real time

  • Advanced vibrato engine

  • Advanced humanization - nothing is random, everything is artificial intelligence

  • Advanced guitar chord detection - almost 2000 chords are detected and transferred into guitar chords in real time. Most guitar chords are available in up to three different voicings.

  • Inversions and chords with additional root key are detected

  • Easy Double-Tracking - without increasing the memory footprint

  • Auto Unison-Bends

  • Dynamic sympathetic resonance simulation

  • Performance keys for strumming and picking - powerful yet easy to use

  • Performance keys for trills, tremolo picking, one and two fret slides

  • Full control over the engine, tweak and control the playback with more than 100 parameters!

Price: $399.95. Shipping spring 2010

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"an epic electric guitar virtual instrument containing the most advanced, detailed, and versatile collection of electric guitars ever made in a virtual instrument" Vir2 Instruments