Midi Tool: Chris Reed - MidiKeys 1.8 / Mac / Free


Free Music Software: Chris Reed launches version 1.8 of MidiKeys, a free virtual MIDI keyboard for Mac OS X.

It shows a miniature MIDI keyboard onscreen. You can use the computer keyboard to play MIDI notes, or click on the keys with the mouse. This software can be very useful.


  • MidiKeys is now a universal binary.

  • Minimum system is now 10.5.

  • Changed ownership to Immo Software.

  • New configurable hot key to toggle global hot keys.

  • Support for automatic software updates using the Sparkle framework.

  • New option to show the key caps on the on-screen keyboard.

  • The MIDI channel field has been changed to a pop-up menu.

  • The disclosure button to show the destination and listen menus is now a normal button instead of being a repurposed toolbar toggle button.

  • Pressed key highlights are drawn with a slight gradient.

  • New Global Hot Keys menu item.

  • New preferences to control the visibility of overlay notifications.

  • It is now possible to have no modifier key for global hot keys, so you only have to press the key corresponding to the note.

  • Key maps were extended to use more keys on the keyboard.

  • Non-English localization's have been disabled for this release due to the number of UI changes.

  • Added a preference to make the keyboard window transparent to mouse clicks when MidiKeys is in the background.

  • Made the keyboard window minimizable.

  • Reorganized the preferences window with several tabs.

  • Added preferences to control software updates.

"MidiKeys has no way to produce sound on its own. In order to hear a sound when you press keys, you need to connect the MidiKeys output to a synthesizer of some sort" MidiKeys