Sounds: Silicon Beats - Nashville Grooves

Nashville Grooves - Country Drum Loop in WAV, Apple Loops Nashville Grooves - Country Loops for Garageband and REX2 formats.

Silicon Beats presents Nashville Grooves - Country, a Sample/Loops/Sounds Library for both Windows and Mac OS X for all Country producers out there :)

  • Tempos: 65 - 106 Bpm

  • Total Size: 787 MB

  • No. Of Loops : 230 Loops & 31 Kit Samples

Price: 79.95 USD

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"Nashville Grooves V1 offers you four essential drum loop collections for country music. Leaning more towards traditional country rhythms this drum loop pack offers you everything you need to create some spectacular country ballads. We've included shuffle, waltz in 3/4 time and plenty of slow paced ballad grooves that have a soft rock twist. Country Music often uses lots of intricate drum fills and beat variations so we went totally overboard with the fills on this loop pack. You'll be spoilt for choice. We used the high end vintage Ludwig Ocean Pearl drum kit for this session with minimal room ambience for a tight dry tone." Silicon Beats