Instrument: Soundprovocation - Ethnic Bagpipe

Ethnic Bagpipe

Soundprovocation presents Ethnic Bagpipe, a Bagpipe instrument for both Windows and Mac OS X that looks useful.

  • Dedicated to: folk, neo-folk music composers, movie, theatre soundtrack producers and composers with special needs to add something unordinary and extra natural to their creations.

  • The sound is pure - you can add your favorite reverb or other preferable effects.

  • As bagpipe can play continuously, all samples in this instrument are precisely looped.

  • Recorded multiple samples to recreate natural feel of the instrument. There are 193 samples total recorded.

  • Two articulations, selectable by keyboard velocity.

  • Diapason: one octave + drone.

  • Two tonalities - C and D.

  • Price: 9.99 EUR just now (normal price 19.99 EUR).

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    "'ETHNIC BAGPIPE' is a sampler instrument, made from an authentic Baltic bagpipe." Soundprovocation