Sample Player: dRAM-dIGITAL - Prodrums


dRAM-dIGITAL launches Prodrums, a sample player for Windows that looks useful.

  • No knob controls, only sliders.

  • Easy to use and laid out for minimal fuss.

  • Stores 64 user drum kits, each pad’s MIDI note number can be re-assigned.

  • Mute switch and a switch that enables decay modulation via velocity.

  • 6 selectable outputs.

  • Pitch, attack and decay controls per pad.

  • Crossfade between samples.

  • Loads 2 stereo or mono wav files per pad.

  • Price: 10$ for a Limited time

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    "Prodrums 10.6 is my endevor to make a drum sampler that includes all the features I think are important yet leaves out all the bells and whistles that are not as important....making it simple and straight forward to use" dRAM-dIGITAL