DAW: MUTOOLS - MU.LAB 3 / Pc / Mac / Pro / Free


Mutools presents MU.LAB 3, a sequencer / DAW for both Windows and Mac OS X that looks awesome!


  • Can be used from a USB memory stick

  • Available on Mac OSX and Windows

  • Modular architecture

  • Easy workflow

  • Sample accurate sequencing

  • Hi-quality audio engine

  • ReWire Master

  • Supports VST plug-ins, both audio & MIDI

  • Integrated hi-quality synths, samplers and effects

  • Flexible routing of audio & MIDI

  • Create, record, edit and play audio & MIDI

  • New in MU.LAB 3

  • Comes in 3 versions: MU.LAB FREE, MU.LAB XT and MU.LAB UL

  • Windows: Supports stereo MME output so no need to install ASIO4ALL first

  • Many user comfort add-ons and workflow enhancements

  • Finetuned ASIO and VST engines

  • Improved VST plug-in editors

  • Logical Event Selector

  • Support for recording multiple event sources at once

  • Comfortable library system

  • Improved modular system

  • Improved sequence loop system

  • Line tool for velocity beams

  • Relative audio file paths -> easy to move sessions to another system

  • "Open Recent"

  • MIDI Clock Out

  • Compressor Module

  • Composition Sub Tracks

  • Finetuned mouse tools

  • Super comfortable editor zooming & scrolling

  • Integrated virtual MIDI keyboard

  • Step Recorder

  • Function shortcuts: Map a key or MIDI event to almost any function!

  • Price: MU.LAB FREE (free), MU.LAB XT (25 EUR) MU.LAB UL (75 EUR)

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    "MU.LAB is an alternative, hi-quality music application for Mac OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into a complete music studio!" MUTOOLS