Drum Machine: H.G. Fortune - Percumat 2

Percumat 2

H.G. Fortune launches Percumat 2, a drum machine for Windows that looks awesome!

It features 6 instrument parts / slots to choose from 512 inbuilt drum & percussions sounds.

There are two step sequencers one for setting up the beat steps in groups of 4 x 8 steps (or 4 x half a bar) labeled A1, A2, B1 & B2, while the 2nd sequencers on the left allows you to control a sequence of the 8 step beatgroups in 16 steps. Thus it is easy to get variations without having to program complete 16 step bars.

In addition to that there is an Auto Track Mute feature for tracks 4, 5 and 6 to have one or two tracks muted for a certain range.

The beat step sequencer does offer two additional features: StepMode and Play number of Beats i.e. Steps so you can have a 7/8, 6/8, 5/8 or even 3/8 beats while Step Mode changes the order of steps to play in jumping to every 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. step with setting at 7 steps playing the sequence backwards. This is a real playground not only for the lovers of experimental rhythms.

The unit comprises 512 drum & percussion sounds in four banks.

Price: Donationware

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"This is a versatile Rhythm machine for backing drums percussion so definitively not an 808 or 909 type thingie." H.G. Fortune