Effect: G-Sonique - Twisthead VS-206

Twisthead VS-206

G-Sonique unveils Twisthead VS-206, a Tube Pre-amp effect for Windows that looks kinda cool.


- Preset manager with exemplary presets

- VU meter showing the level of analog saturation of signal

- On/Off bypass switch for instant sound control (with and without effect)

- Double internal oversampling for achieving maximal quality of sound with minimum of unwanted artifacts

device - the level of saturation of signal, amount of higher harmonics etc.
- Input pre-amp and output amp let's you amplify or soften your sound. This way you can change the characteristics and behavior of Twisthead VS-206

- Vitalizer and colorizer of high frequencies with beautiful analog sound. It is possible to set the parameters like high frequency, tube harmonics, boost

similar to the most legendary vintage pre-amps.)
(This emulation is based on similar technology that is used in Pultronic EQ-110P. However the sound is different. In addition the parameter values are

- Top emulation of vacuum tubes with rich, fat and colorful sound. It is possible to set the parameters like warmth, saturation drive, brilliance (1st harmonics)

Price: 14.40 EUR

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"Endless praising of vacuum tubes is certainly annoying for us as well for you. What embarrassing cliché. BUT the vacuum tubes are simply the smasher and that's it." G-Sonique