Effect: g200kg - KeroVee 1.00 / Pc / Free

KeroVee 1.00

g200kg unveils KeroVee, a FREE pitch effect for Windows that looks great!

  • Tuned sound mix level

  • SubTone -1 Octave of tuned sound mix level

  • Bypass Original sound mix level

  • Vol Output level

  • Bal LR balance of output

  • Master tuning 430Hz to 450Hz. the default is 440Hz

  • Scale -- Enable Tuning to specified scales by scale buttons

  • MIDI -- Enable Tuning to Midi notes

  • Tuning Speed

  • Scale Buttons 'C'to'B'

  • Find more effects!

    "KeroVee is a Pitch Correction plugin that works as a VST effect." g200kg