Effect: Loomer - Sequent

Loomer Sequent Sequenced Modular Looper FX AU RTAS VST Plugin

Loomer presents Sequent, a Beat Looper effect for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X



a Beat Looper; two Filters, both switchable between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes and capable of self oscillation even without an audio input; an oversampled Distortion unit; a Gate with variable depth and slew; a Panner; and a Delay unit capable of sub millisecond delay times, great for creating everything for from dub, slapback, and bouncing ball style echoes, to metallic comb filters or flanger effects.

Modular Routing

Effect blocks can be connected in practically limitless ways by dragging virtual audio cables between them. Route effects in parallel, in series, or any other combination you can dream of.

Sequenced Parameters

Want variation? Each effect parameter has its own step sequencer, perfect for building interesting modulation motifs. Easily craft polyrhythmic sounds by individually setting the number of steps and speed for each effect.

Beat Slicing

Cut-up and rebuild audio in realtime. Use Sequent's flexible Looper to create anything from subtle loop variations, to micro-programmed glitches.


Distinct random controls for each parameter allow everything from slight variations, to complete aleatoric composition.


Combine sequencer and effect settings into patterns, which can be instantly between switched from the on-screen interface, or even using a MIDI controller.

MIDI Learn

Controls can be easily mapped to a hardware controller using the simplified MIDI Learn feature.

Price: £49 GBP

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"Sequent is a modular multi-effects unit, the ideal tool for mangling audio on stage or in the studio." Loomer