Effect: Stillwell Audio - Bombardier


Stillwell Audio launches Bombardier, a compressor effect for both Windows and Mac OS X that looks awesome!


Due to its RMS compression engine, Bombardier is ideally suited to final mixdown and mastering usage, as well as for those who like to set up buss dynamics first and then mix ‘into’ the buss compressor.

Bombardier’s party piece is the new and unique ‘bomb’ processing algorithm which, when selected, gives attack and release settings that are effectively instantaneous while yielding exceptionally smooth gain reduction. Bomb mode is sure to become a firm favorite with mastering engineers the world over, but can also give extremely satisfying results in single track and buss applications

Five different and highly effective pre-emphasis filter modes vary Bombardier’s response to the frequency spectrum and are key to preserving transparency during full-mix compression.

Price: $59.00 (Reaper-only, non-commercial use license $39.00)

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"Bombardier is our most ambitious project to date – a premium quality buss compressor, tailored for smooth and musical processing of complex audio such as drum groups, vocal stems and your full stereo mix, lending a controllable sense of weight, fluidity and cohesion." Stillwell Audio