Instrument: AudioSpillage - DrumSpillage


AudioSpillage unveils DrumSpillage, a drum synth instrument for Mac OS X that looks awesome!

Key Features:

  • 16 pads and 64 note polyphony

  • Extensive editing capabilities

  • Full MIDI key mapping and pad layering

  • Flexible modulation options

  • Future proof model driven architecture

  • Fast slider based GUI

  • Pad based real-time control surface

  • High resolution 64-bit DSP engine

  • 11 exclusive drum synthesis algorithms

  • Model List

  • Clave

  • HandBell

  • WoodDrum

  • Membrane

  • SynthClap

  • NoiseDrum

  • BassDrum

  • Electro Cymbal

  • Electro HiHat

  • Electro Snare

  • Electro BassDrum

  • Price: £99 / €119 / $159

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    "When we decided to create a new drum synth we understood that emulating the past had been done to death. Freeing ourselves from this constraint and looking to exploit the power of modern computers we set about designing a next generation drum synth. The result is DrumSpillage - a new plugin for OS X." AudioSpillage