Sampler: Sampletoy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Sampletoy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Sampletoy is a new musical instrument/plaything; part sampler, part granular synthesizer for the iPhone. Use it to capture sounds through the microphone, then play, loop, pitch and distort them live on the screen. Looks very cool! I will probably buy it to do some field recordings for my ambient music :)


  • * Create your own instruments out of any sound.

  • * Email your performances as audio files straight from the app.

  • * Built-in resonant filters, delay and envelope.

  • * Auto-saves current recording and state and recalls it again on next launch.

  • * Stepped mode allows chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic and whole-tone scales to be played.

  • * Totally multitouch - play up to 5 notes at once.

  • * 44kHz/16bit - professional quality sound.

  • * Built-in comprehensive manual.

Price: $1.99

"You can record your performances on Sampletoy and send them via email within the app as a CD-quality wav file (mono or stereo)" Sampletoy