DJ Software: Pajamahouse Studios - Sonorasaurus Rex

Sonorasaurus Rex

Pajamahouse Studios launches Sonorasaurus Rex, a DJ App for Apple's iPad! Looks awesome!


• Two standalone decks each with a dedicated effects module offering reverb, flange, distortion, tremelo, echo and high pass

• Pitch controls for adjusting the playback speed of your tunes and a dynamic jog area for getting your beat matching just right

• A crossfader and volume controls for mixing your songs together to any degree you choose

EQs and Gains for fine tuning the volume, low, mid and high frequency ranges

• Split audio mode for headphone cueing (requires a Y adapter)

• A built in HTTP upload interface for adding songs to your mixing library

• Beat-highlighted waveforms to further facilitate beat matching

• BPM Tapper for easy BPM calculation

"Big brother to Sonorasaurus, Rex expands on it’s smaller counterpart’s features and fills the iPad’s spacious surface beautifully" Pajamahouse Studios