Effect: Homegrown Sounds - TerraNova


Homegrown Sounds presents a beta version of TerraNova, a multi effect for Windows (Mac is coming) that looks awesome!

  • SoundScaper

  • Stereo Delay

  • 3 Modulator

  • Extensive PDF Manual

  • 5 types of distortion

  • White Noise

  • Bass Cut

  • High Cut

  • Modualtors A and B can also be assigned to one of 34 destinations

  • Price: This is a public beta version and is set to expire on the 1st of May, but there will be a proper version for people who take up the pre-release special offer for just £20.

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    "The modulators each have 39 different effects including Flanger, Phasers, Ring Modulators, Chorus, FM Chorus, Synth Tones, Filters, Pitch Shifters, Gappers and Decimator" Homegrown Sounds