Synthesizer: Brown Wyzzard - Filthpig


Brown Wyzzard unveils Filthpig, a synthesizer for Windows that looks useful for Drones :)

  • has two cascaded filters (hicut and then locut) for tone shaping

  • Although a monosynth at heart, Filthpig also has the ability to be switched into a three voice poly mode for added functionality

  • the modulator part of the synth also links oscillator output to the pitch values for the sound-producing section

  • These modulation matrices also contain sync switches

  • a 3 x 3 modulation matrix that lets the output of any oscillator modulate any other oscillator (including itself)

  • an amplitude envelope for each oscillator

  • Each section contains two tuning controls, a modulation depth knob, a waveform selector (five waveforms)

  • two full, three oscillator synth sections

  • Price: $24.99

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    "Filthpig is a monstrous, six oscillator hybrid synthesizer with an extreme potential for tweakability. Geared towards drones, noise, sirens and circuit-bent style glitching," Brown Wyzzard