Effect: MeldaProduction - MMultiBandHarmonizer


MeldaProduction launches MMultiBandHarmonizer, a pitch shifting and multi-voice harmonizing effect for both Windows and Mac.

  • Global preset management

  • Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors

  • 64-bit processing and unlimited sampling rate

  • Fully automatable

  • Automatic synchronization to host tempo

  • Sinc interpolation and high-quality upsampling

  • MIDI controllers with MIDI learn

  • Full randomization

  • 4 global modulators

  • Continously adjustable oscillator shape

  • 1-6 fully configurable independent bands

  • Spectral sharpening

  • Strumming

  • Global pitch shift

  • Full formant adjustment for all voices

  • Up to 120 voices with chord generator

  • Granular, adaptive granular and vocoder pitch shifting algorithms

  • Price: Introductory price - 15 EUR (35 EUR)

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    "MMultiBandHarmonizer is a revolutionary pitch shifting and multi-voice harmonizing plugin, which lets you play like many musicians at once, widens or enhances recordings, adds bass drum subharmonics and much more." MeldaProduction