Effect: V-Plugs - Uranium

music making software

V-Plugs launches Uranium, a compressor effect for Windows.

  • - Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz-Very efficient processing, optimized for native processors

  • - Stereo link in percentage

  • - Advanced monitoring

  • - Standard and parallel compression

  • - MS compression for mastering and stereo sources

  • - Smart gate for the compressed signal

  • - Radical compression effects

  • - Content dependant compression

  • - Based on V-Plugs SDC Technology

  • - Unique modern compression sound

  • Price: €39 until June 10. Then t€79.

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    "Based on our new 'Smart Dynamic Control' technology (SDC), Uranium brings compression to the 21st century, with a distinctive sound, unique features and better monitoring! From light transparent dynamic treatment, to heavily pumping and breathing compression" V-Plugs