Effect: Sir Elliot - CP-1 Compressor / Pc / Free

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Sir Elliot launches CP-1 Compressor, a free compressor effect for Windows.


Compression: -1 to –62 dB

Attack: 1 to 40 Microseconds (200 Nanoseconds @ 0.00000 setting)

Release: 81 Milliseconds to 1.5 Seconds (3.5 seconds metered version)

Ratio: 0.5:1 to 22.40:1

Due to the fixed delay settings this compressor is more suited for mastering. I’ve taken the liberty to configure the CP-1 so the host will be able to compensate the latency it offers.

It is optimised for 96 kHz however, will operate on 44100 kHz.

The non-metered version offers less CPU use and faster loading time than the metered version.

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"The concept behind this design is fast responding with very minimal artefacts, which is common with many offering very fast attack/release times." Sir Elliot