Tweet: HyperSynth - Oresus v1.1 Synthesizer, Instrument

HyperSynth has updated the cool virtual Windows synth Oresus to version 1.1.

  • Added mono/stereo unison up to 5 voices.
  • Added link option in stereo unison mode for filter 1, 2.
  • Added Step LFO module that is integrated with gate steps.
  • Fixed gate sync problem while playing more than one note.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow WSM A>B to be saved in preset.
  • Fixed a problem which caused to generate unwanted DC offset in PW modulation.
  • Fixed hard coded key-track malfunction that attenuated high notes very much.
  • Redesigned gate module graphics.

6/15, 19:28
music_making says:
HyperSynth updates Oresus to v1.1