Tweet: NTS Audio Labs - Drum Loop v1.3 - Instrument, Drums

NTS Audio Labs updates the drumloop-creating Windows instrument called "Drum Loop" to version 1.3. This music software looks very useful.

  • Accurate Precision Timings.
  • Perfect synchronization is now guaranteed for Ableton Live, Cubase and Fruity Loops.
  • A total of 10 hidden/automated sample players/sequencers will generate the full drum loop.
  • ASM interpolated sample playing for each sample player was implemented.
  • 10 filter types - all of them coded in pure ASM.
  • Added a 2nd snare in the base section to permit more complexity results in the generated loops.
  • Matrix of automatic randomizations while exporting the loops to .wav files.
  • Internal Mixer totally changed for maximum quality.
  • Each channel is presented in true stereo with pan pot positioning.
  • Swing routine totally coded in ASM.
  • It is rendered in the standalone version as well as when using the VSTi version of the software.
  • New improved skin.
  • New factory sound bank.

6/15, 19:28
music_making says:
NTS Audio Labs updates Drum Loop to v1.3