Tweet: Prime Loops - Ambient Fractals Sounds, Loops, Samples

Prime Loops launches Ambient Fractals, a new sample library filled with ambient sounds.

Engineered to capture the true essence of ambience, “Ambient Fractals” will twist you through the mathematics of sound, bringing you a mesmerizing selection of waveform manipulations and spaced out oscillations from the sublime side of synthesis.

Using state-of-the-art kit like the Waldorf Q, Access Virus, Roland JP8000, Korg Prophecy and Clavia Nord, Prime Loops’ resident sound scientist Dmitry Vasilyev has created a full range of atmospheric elements, with leftfield noises and superwide soundclashes to expand the horizons of your productions.

Prime Loops Ambient Fractals, cutting-edge sound effect samples Jun 28 17:48:45 via Google