Effect: ArtsAcoustic - BigRock

music making software

ArtsAcoustic launches BigRock, a phase shifting stomp box effect for both Windows and Mac OS X.


  1. - easy to use

  2. - authentic sound

  3. - very low cpu usage

  4. - full stereo

  5. - host sync in phase

  6. - sync phase adjustment

  7. - stereo l/r offset

  8. - add. filter section

  9. - continuous color adjustment

  10. - dry/wet mix

  11. - amount adjustment

  12. - center frequency adjustment

  13. - fully automatable

Price: 79 EUR / $89 USD

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"the ArtsAcoustic BigRock is an authentic, accurately modeled emulation of the legendary Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, a phase shifting stomp box, of which its first revision was released in 1974. however, being in 2010, we´ve of course overcome most of the limitations of the original and equipped the BigRock with the necessary features in an special advanced mode. for example, the BigRock allows stereo input and processes the signal in stereo, while the original Small Stone was strictly mono." ArtsAcoustic