Sounds: Time+Space - Hollywoodwinds

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Time+Space unveils Hollywoodwinds, a Kontakt Player powered woodwinds sample library.

Here is the press-release:
Hollywoodwinds – bringing the woodwinds back into orchestral film scoring

Hollywoodwinds is a comprehensive sampling of the orchestral woodwind ensemble that will get you thinking again about using woodwinds in your next cue.

Featuring wonderfully organic recordings, and groundbreaking programming, this library's collection of scales, runs, phrases, chords, textures, trills, FX and full ensemble patches is set to become one of the leading woodwind solutions for composers across the world.

All that creepy stuff the winds do when the spider is attacking, when the beautiful face is morphing, when the eyes turn yellow?? It's easy with Hollywoodwinds. From unison ensemble quarter tone bends, to 12 tone cluster stacks to massive collection of Atonal Rips to clarinet "meowing" to multi-piccolo flutters you are sure to find something you need for your track here.

Presenting the Cinesamples Intelliegent Time Engine (CITE)...
The groundbreaking new method of sync on the fly. Kontakt will automatically recognize your sequence´s tempo and playback your scales and textures in time (live). In addition all patches using this engine have samples which have been recorded at multiple tempos. Kontakt will automatically and intelligently choose the correct sample and micro adjust it into place, providing incredibly realistic results and leaving the composer to worry about more important things.

Traditionally a download pack producer, this is the first DVD release from Cinesamples and includes the powerful Kontakt Player engine for seamless integration into all major sequencers.

RRP: £199.95 / €239.95