Studio: Native Instruments - Reaktor 5.5

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Native Instruments Reaktor 5.5: Modular Sound Studio. Here’s What’s New:

  • New "Application Reference" manual with integrated tutorials

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts

  • All ensembles from Electronic Instruments I and II now included

  • New "Lazerbass" monophonic additive synthesizer by Mike Daliot

  • Improved sample rate conversion

  • Improved auto-save in plugin mode

  • Improved handling of audio inputs and outputs and ports

  • Audio I/O channels increased to 40 in standalone mode

  • Improved functionality of send / receive modules

  • Global master volume controls for audio input and output

  • Improved preset handling with bank list and "Snapshot Master" function

  • Improved audio player with browser integration, drag and drop, and Auto mode

  • Improved instrument header, properties, and sample map editor

  • New "Structure Bookmarks" feature

  • New full-screen view in standalone mode

  • Unified interface layout for standalone and plugin operation

  • Revised one-window GUI with flexible "split" view

  • Instruments can now be loaded as ensembles and vice versa

  • Modal synthesis capabilities (based on new "Modal Bank" module)

  • Additive synthesis capabilities (based on new "Sine Bank" module)

"The update is currently in this phase:
beta testing
public beta testing" NI User Forums