HISS and a ROAR - SD004 FIREWORKS. Sounds, Samples, Loops

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HISS and a ROAR presents SD004 Fireworks, a 24bit 192kHz sample library with fireworks sounds!

"Four recordists, ten microphones, a windless night, a full moon, a deserted
park and $600 worth of fireworks hand selected by a pyrotechnician adds up
to some serious fun! But I wanted to not only record fireworks, I also wanted
to manipulate them in real time as we recorded them, so I took along a number
of props including a 2m long drain pipe, a wok, a water bowl, short metal pipes,
an air conditioning vent & a metal box; all great sources of resonance!

This library is my first to be released 24bit 192kHz multi-mic & multi-channel."


A collection of over 180 fireworks includes large Multi-Shot Fireworks (Solar Flare, Red Mantis, Purple Perry, Holiday Fun, Night Rocket, E.T, Meteor, The Brick, Black Panther, Sandstorm, Mega Eruption, Bling Bling, Swarm, Rapid Fire, Thunder) Rockets (Mighty Cannon, White Spider, Shooting Balls, 10 Shot, small, medium & large Roman Candles, Patriot Missile) Screechy Rockets (Predator, Firestorm, Mean Green, Sonic Boom, Rising Sun, Hummer, Red Dragon) and a huge range of Ground Bloom Flowers

Price: Between $9 - $99 USD. There is also a free pack available.

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