iPhone/iPad App: Griid Products - Liine

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Here is another app for controlling Ableton Live with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - Griid from Liine. I posted about touchAble yesterday.

"How could the simple task of launching clips from a controller be improved, making it as intuitive, fun and transparent as possible? Griid is the answer to that question.

Griid is an advanced clip grid interface which allows you to control Ableton Live (running on your desktop or laptop) from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Using specially developed touch objects and simple gestures, Griid is carefully designed with the performance experience in mind.

Finely tuned for rapid navigation, you can enjoy the freedom of playing Live sets of any size with ease. Explicit visual feedback means that you have all the information you need, quite literally at your fingertips. Combined with wireless operation, this means you can perform with Ableton Live without ever needing to look at the computer screen."

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Available in three different versions: Griid Lite (Free), Griid ($5.99) and Griid Pro ($24.99).