Synthesizer: TubeOhm - PURE D16/24 Grain

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TubeOhm launches PURE D16/24 Grain, a VST synth for Windows.

"GRAIN is an experimental GRAIN  synth with complete new sounds.
GRAIN works with the GRAIN SYNTHESIS. You can load you own Samples into
the synth, drive through the sample,  modulate the grain or stop the GRAIN on a position in the sample.

After the GRAIN oscillator you can use a ,normal‘ VCA,VCF, CHORUS, DELAY,
REVERB and a GATER function to design the sound. "

  • - one GRAIN OSCILLATOR - static/dynamic mode
  • - three LFO, mono, poly, host sync,pwm,phase
  • - using you own samples
  • - two different samples generate one grain
  • - gater function
  • - multimode filters
  • - multistage envelope for GRAIN manipulation
  • - VCA / VCF ADSR
  • - effects unit with delay, chorus, reverb, arp
  • - soft distortion
  • - midi learn

Price: 59€

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